Thursday, December 15, 2011

Shannon Hamann's 'Deathdoubledactyl' is available from Pavement Saw Press

Shannon Hamann's "Deathdoubledactyl" -- that's the cover above -- is now available from Pavement Saw Press. It's the press' eighth and final title for 2011, according to an email I received from them today.

The book has been printed in a limited edition of 1,031 copies. It's 88 pages long and costs $14. Click through the above link for more information and some sample poems, which include lines like the following:
Aground, a skeleton hand clutches a former cocktail.
A complimentary peppermint melts in a burning mouth.
I haven't read the book, so this post is neither a review nor an endorsement. I just like the cover. That said, I've read a handful of Pavement Saw books in the past and haven't been disappointed yet.

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