Friday, January 22, 2010

David Foster Wallace Profile

I came across a profile of the late author David Foster Wallace this morning, written n 1987 by Bill Katovsky for that year's April issue of Katovsky's now-defunct national literary magazine, Arrival, and later reprinted at McSweeney's with his permission.

Says Wallace in the article, commenting on his academic upbringing:

"It was an exceptional academic household. I remember my parents reading Ulysses out loud to each other when they went to bed. My father read Moby-Dick to my younger sister and me when we were 6 and 8. There was a near rebellion halfway through the novel. Here we were -- still picking our noses -- and learning the etymology of whale names."

It's billed as one of the first Wallace profiles -- he was 25 years old at the time -- and it's done fairly well. Check it out here.

(Link via Super Punch.)

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